Open Nordic Senior Championships tournament from 18th to 20th May 2018 in Tampere

Open Nordic Senior Championship (ONCS 2018) tournament took place in Tampere, Finland. The venue was a brand new Kauppi Sports Center close to the city center. It was the very first international competition held in the center. Our local badminton club Mansen Sulka was responsible for taking care of the arrangements. ’At first, we were worried about the practicalities at the venue, as it was just opened in January 2018, and therefore, we had no experience on how to manage infrastructure in the building’, recalls tournament manager Pekka Rantanen afterwards.

Based on our initial self-assessment and the feed-back from participants, the event went very well. The competition team was able to correct and develop management during the competition days, but of course there are always things that could have been done better, for example, policy on delivering bronze medals should have been more clear and consistent. Learning experience was fruitful, and we got lot of constructive advice from the referee of the tournament, Ilkka Vainio. Our volunteers were wonderful, especially our club’s youth who were actually queing for possibility to show points in the matches. Respect!

We wish to highlight some results from the competition. At the end there were two triple gold medalists, both from England. Caroline Hale won gold in WS45, WD45 and XD45. Respectively, Betty Blair cleared the prize table winning gold in WS50, WD50 and XD50.

The venue was nice to play in. The floor was good, so no over sore joints this morning! It was really well organised and lovely to have all the volunteers to take care of the scoring and match score sheets for us. It was my first visit to Finland, and we were made to feel very welcome by the Finnish players and officials. I would not hesitate to come back.

Well done Finland!

Betty Blair

BWF World Senior Champion, WD50, 2017

In terms of other significant achievements, two players won two gold and one silver medals, Harry Skydsgaard (Denmark) and Stefan Ohrås (Sweden). Additionally, there were 8 players that were able win two gold medals. Only three ONSC-medals remained in Tampere. For Mansen Sulka Jyri Hasa and Vesa Valtonen got silver in MD55, and Jorma Hyttinen bronze in MD50.

Jyri Hasa and Vesa Valtonen ’testing’ our brand new podium with the gold medalist Mikael Forsten and Erik Koho

Other local badminton club Sulkaset got one bronze medal. Sami Järvinen and Jussi Moisio took third place in MD35. There were players from eleven different countries, majority being from Finland.

Carl-Johan Nybergh (Finland) took his first gold in MS70, and therefore Harry Skydsgaard (Denmark) got only two gold medals and one silver.

All the results are found here

We want to thank everybody that made the ONSC 2018 such a great event! All the players and supporters of the event, referee and the umpire team, volunteers, sponsors, audience and Kauppi Sports Center staff.

Old friends were able to meet during the competition, as well

The venue served really well for purposes of organising an international badminton competition. The future will show what challenges are offered for us in in terms of organising tournaments. Hope to see you in Tampere again!

Written by Pekka Rantanen